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Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women

Traditionally, the strength of our communities lies in the hearts and souls of women who have helped to maintain the integrity of the traditional family unit, marriage between one man and one woman, and have worked to pass on to future generations the values of civilization.

In a time of changing cultural attitudes that shape and fix the character of the people, we believe we have a moral as well as a political responsibility to preserve and protect our form of government, which was created to govern a nation of free people. The WFRW was established to educate its members to enable them to fulfill those responsibilities.

The WFRW provides volunteers for local campaigns, and as the educational arm of the Republican Party, instructs its members in campaign techniques for use in electing Republicans to public office.

The WFRW newsletter, [The Stampede], recognizes the activities of the WFRW and the local Unit Clubs
and honors members who have achieved distinction in service to their community and country.

Two major State Board Meetings are held each year providing the membership with rich discussion of public issues and political techniques. Local Unit Clubs hold monthly meetings as a forum to educate their members, sponsor fund raising events and assist county Republican organizations in campaign activities.

WFRW conventions are held biennially in odd-numbered years, and that year's Fall Board Meeting is held in conjunction with the convention. As outlined in WFRW's Bylaws, Unit Club Presidents as well as the Executive Committee and Standing and Special Committee Chairmen are expected to attend. Guests are always welcome and encouraged to attend.

The WFRW is a state affiliate of the NFRW – National Federation of Republican Women and we enjoy the support and effectiveness of the national organization representing us at The White House and in the halls of Congress! With your WFRW Membership, you will receive quarterly the highly rated NFRW Magazine!

Please join us today, adding your unique talents and ideas, and become a part of our WFRW Team helping us to create a better future for our children and grandchildren!