Welcome...to the Northern Wisconsin Club of the Wisconsin Federation of Women Republicans, founded in 2009!

We encourage you to follow this blog, renew your commitment to our country as our founding fathers envisioned it, and join our cause. We invite you to share your comments, questions and concerns after any of our titled posts below or you can email us. 

On May 12, 2009 at Wild Eagle Lodge, we held our first meeting of the "Women of the North" - the newest chapter of the Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women! President of the State Organization, Ginny Marschman attended and she installed the founding officers. Kim welcomed the group and outlined many significant issues that face our country. Ginny Marschman was the featured speaker and motivated our group to unify and support Republican candidates in upcoming elections.

Founding Officers
Kim Simac - President
Juliana Martin - Vice President
Abbey Maillette - Treasurer
Theresa Maillette - Secretary

Members At-large:
Dara Maillette - Membership
Diane Misina - Internet Relations

Republican Women of the North, Northern WI, Email