Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Local Legislative Results - Congrats to Dan Meyer and Tom Tiffany!

Minocqua Town Chairman Joe Handrick, who shares his Nov 2 birthday with Governor Scott Walker, reported lWisconsin legislative results as of 2am Nov 3: 

The GOP will gain 4 seats in the State Senate and gain control (they needed a gain of 2). Among those defeated was Majority Leader Russ Decker. The new senate will be 19-14 Republican.

The GOP will gain 14 seats in the State Assembly and gain control (they needed a gain of 4). Among those defeated was Speaker Mike Sheridon. The new Assembly will be 60-39 Republican with at least 3 GOP wins subject to a re-count.

Dan Meyer results in Wisconsin's 34th Assembly District:
  • Meyer 14,678  60%
  • Van Buren 7,406  30%
  • Losch 2,458  10%
Tom Tiffany results in Wisconsin's 35th Assembly District:
  • Tiffany 11,729  58%
  • Schmeling 8,514  42%


Republican Women of the North, Northern WI,

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